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For the love of music and great lyrics, the flood of ideas that come from those lyrics and a disdain for popups, spyware and distracting ads. This is indilean.

Bands: Post song lyrics here to help fans find your stuff online and stimulate discussion. You also get three links.
Fans: Enjoy the songs, edit or post something of your own, leave and read comments and interpretations.

If you have the lyrics for a song you’d like to share please go to our contribute page, anyone can post but all songs need to be authorized by the owner or from a band that has already shared. Enjoy the featured song below and contact us to share your own or follow the blog as I showcase past video features and artist updates.

Just above, check out the new music video for the song Empty Ave by GLAM.I.ROCK. As one of the first artists ever to join indilean over a year ago, GLAM has been turning heads and building rep ever since. This particular song tells the provocative and thoughtful story of an exotic dancer, give it a listen and share your thoughts.

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