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Simply stated… I created this site because I love music, hate popups and enjoy interpreting songs and discussing song meanings.

Problem: Sarah hears a song she likes but can't remember the name or the band because it's new and independent... She searches online but finds nothing → the band loses a fan, Sarah is sad.

Solution: indilean.com allows bands and those with permission to easily share lyrics to help people like Sarah figure out who made the song and where to buy it. Bands get traffic and exposure from three prominent links including: 1. official band website 2. song preview and 3. purchase location so they can keep making great stuff, fans comment and engage ♥

Opportunity: Listeners come together to share their opinions on what a song means and potentially meet up at the next concert. Some fans go on to cover their favorite songs (learning the guitar, piano, violin, drum, vocal parts etc.) and grow into indie musicians themselves. Call me optimistic :D

Check out the artist directory, use the search form to find a song or follow the indilean blog — showcasing videos and artist updates.

The posting of all existing songs have been expressly approved by the original artists. As bands are signed or decide they don’t want lyrics posted here, I will remove them upon request in order to comply with copyright law and respect for the artist. Please use the contact form below to reach me for any reason:

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