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Pictures Of Me And The Moon Lyrics

Album: The calm fire
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When will you breath?

Oh such posh,

Bloom big and make me smile, hit it in my head like a bullet from a rifle.
Bring back the day i felt overwhelmed with gain.

I’ll swear, not damn you, wait.
i’ll just shoot you.

i live by the one scent i wear on me till i go broke,
(pumpin na breathe) but when i breathe its how you choke.

Leave the memories and smile.

Scars revolve around your eyes in patterns only i can see,
who will you be?
When will you leave me sing lively and free?
who will you be?

Fortune! i can see you leave this place.

oh goddess, moon love, beautiful lady.

Oh, okay you can take away the words.
Oh, okay you can borrow my eyes, i still wont bother.

again, i owe you.
Get out of 2009.

Your map hides on top of the world, and its so easy to bring it down.

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